Thursday, 26 April 2012

Can One Church Handle Two Generations?

Here is a link to an article in The Leadership Journal of Christianity Today. Its well worth a read as it discusses the different attitudes and perspectives of a typically 'boomer' Senior Pastor in contrast with that of his typically 'postmodern/millennial' son who is also a Pastor in the church. The back and forth is really good.

It doesn't answer the question though, can one church handle two generations, or more accurately; these two different perspectives on the gospel and ministry?

I'd say the conversation gets a little more intense away from this interview setting.

What do you think?


Read the article here: Outlooks on Outreach


  1. Should work. Click on Outlooks on Outreach. Works ok for me?

  2. Interesting discussion. I guess I see church as a family, and part of the expression of that is to have different generations and different perspectives. While I have to admit I enjoy being with people who I resonate with, it seeems healthy to have others in my life who see things differently.

  3. For sure. What about in church leadership though? Is it healthy or unhealthy for there to be such a split opinion on things as what James and Jonathan seem to have in the article? Can this co-exist?

  4. Well it does get a bit trickier in church leadership especially if leaders are pulling hard in different directions. But some level of diversity can still be a really healthy thing. It forces us to look at things in different ways and keeps us from becoming too insular in our thinking.